Gallery of Past Work

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All of the pieces in the slide-show gallery above are years old now. I’ve been in the lapidary arts profession since 1991. I hand-cut my first piece of amber while selling at the local artisans market in San Christobal de las Casas, in Chiapas, Mexico. I worked on the piece for days using only various grades of wet-dry sandpaper. Very meditative. The smell of the amber, while you work it, reminds you of the smell of pitch burning from fresh chopped wood on a campfire.

I no longer do the wire-wrap pieces seen in a couple of the photos. I am presently focusing the best of my artistic energy  on hand-drilled stone beads and pendants in lieu of the deep etched stone and silver wire wrapped pieces from my past. An artist always has to evolve in what he is doing, for me evolution came in the form of further simplication.

2 Responses to Gallery of Past Work

  1. marus scott says:

    I have been buying your bracelets for the last 8 years had lots and lots of compliments was wonder how to purchase on line. Thank you

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