“The Stone Bead” at the 2011 Whole Earth Festival

The Stone Bead is honored to have been accepted to exhibit at the 42nd Annual Whole Earth Festival on the campus of the University of California, Davis. This is one of the premiere festivals in California, taking place May 6, 7 & 8 and free to the general public — three stages of music, over 100 art & craft booths, great food, and vision for a better world.

I have been working non-stop at the grinding wheel to create the beginning of my 2011 Collection. My season has already begun, I have shown the last two weekends at the Lithia Artisans Market in Ashland, Oregon — awaiting Whole Earth Festival to unveil my newest pieces.

I am hoping to have three tables full of new pieces — hand sculpted stone beads and pendants turned into wearable art. I’ve been part of the Whole Earth Festival for the last five years. In the program guide my business is referred to as “Soul Creations Jewelry” — my registered business name with the state of California. Recent life changes, and the fine tuning of my art-form have inspired me to rename my business “The Stone Bead”.  I’ve been in the lapidary arts for almost 20 years so “The Stone Bead” seemed an appropriate title as it perfectly describes, in the most simple terms, what I do — I make hand carved stone beads.

A sample of some of my newest hand cut stone beads and pendants.

I am excited to show my newest creations which include hand-carved turquoise pendants from various mines throughout the southwest United States, hand-sculpted serpentine and diorite beads from the beaches of northern California, hand-cut jade earrings from Big Sur, hand-polished jasper pendants from southern Oregon river beds, boulder opal pendants and earrings from Queensland, Australia, fossils from Utah, Madagascar, Morocco, Mason Creek, Illinois and much more. I have been super busy. I work until my fingers bleed, then I take a break until the next day when I do it all over again.

If you are in the greater Davis, California area (Sacramento and the Bay Area) and want the opportunity experience a truly excellent festival, come by the Whole Earth Festival, May 6-8. Be sure to stop in and see me, Marcus Scott, in my artisan booth, “The Stone Bead”. My space is located behind the Main Stage, on the south side of the quad on the UC Davis campus. See ya at Whole Earth!

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